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U.S. Pat. 10,175,713



The Sure Grip Push/Pull hand control uses the same movement to apply the gas and brake as other Push/Pull controls; however, the pivot point for the Sure Grip control is on the right-hand side of the wheel near the handle, which allows for a shorter stroke and greater leverage. In addition to the pivot point, the handle’s position is at a slight angle; an angle that makes a big difference to the driver. The benefits of Sure Grip’s unique Push/Pull hand control design include:

• Less strain on the fingers.

• Flexible hand positions for lower fatigue and cramping while driving.

• Ability for both hands to keep contact with the steering wheel. 


To operate simply push towards the dash for brake and pull directly back towards you for acceleration.

Product Code: Left Side FL3 - Right side FL7

The amazing Short Stroke push/pull, features no moving brake rod, and now NO GAS ROD, allowing for the most LAP and LEG room in the industry. Extremely short accelerator stroke and virtually no accelerator resistance at all allows for a smooth and easy drive!

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