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The original and the best, the Sure Grip Push/Rock system, has become known for its comfort, precision and overall safety.


Choose Your Throttle Source

Easily switch from the factory pedal to your hand controls by pressing the FeatherLite activation button.

No More Gas Rod

Electronic acceleration eliminates the need to physically depress the gas pedal and, consequently, the need for a gas rod at all.

This leads to a noticeable increase in leg room and cleaner installations.  

Smooth, Easy Throttle

FeatherLite gives you direct access to your vehicle’s throttle system. The result is the most responsive throttle on the market.

Keep Two Hands On The Wheel

One of the great advantages of the Push/Rock style is that it keeps both your hands in a position to maintain contact with the steering wheel while you drive.

Easy Access to Secondary Controls

The Push/Rock is also the best hand control on the market for keeping your hands close to your vehicle’s secondary controls such as turn signals, wiper, wash and dimmer.

U.S. Pat. 10,175,713



To operate simply push towards the dash for brake and rock towards the ground for acceleration.

Product Code: Left Side FL1 - Right side FL5

The Hand Control that made Sure Grip famous now features the most leg room in the industry!!


Q: Is my car compatible with FeatherLite?

A: While FeatherLite will work with most “throttle by wire” acceleration systems it is highly recommended you contact your local vendor in order to ensure compatibility.

Q: Can I upgrade my Traditional Push/Rock Hand Controls to FeatherLite?

A: If you already have Traditional Hand Controls installed in your vehicle then much of the work required to install a FeatherLite control is already done. The only thing left to do is exchange the Traditional Main Body for a FeatherLite and install the electronic acceleration system. If you are interested in moving up to FeatherLite, contact your local Sure Grip dealer for more information.

Q: Can FeatherLite Hand Controls be Transferred from One Vehicle to Another?

A: Yes. However, it is quite common for some new parts to be required due to differences in the shape of the two vehicles as well as the parts required to interface with their respective throttle systems.

Q: How Much Does a FeatherLite Push/Rock Cost?

A: The price of purchasing and installing a hand control can vary greatly depending on the application and the vendor’s pricing policies. Contacting your Sure Grip dealer is the best way of understanding the cost of getting your vehicle equipped.

Q: What is your Warranty Policy?

A: All mechanical components of FeatherLite hand controls are covered under a 4 year warranty while the electronic components are guaranteed for one year.

Q: Can the Vehicle Still be Operated with the Factory Pedals?

A: All Sure Grip Hand Control products are designed to have no effect on the ability of a person to drive with the factory gas and brake pedal.

Q: Will this affect any of my vehicle’s features?

A: It is a standard practice to disconnect the tilt and telescoping feature of the steering wheel in order to eliminate the potential for the wheel to be adjusted in a way that affects the function of the hand control.

Q: Will the Installation Require my Vehicle to be Modified?

A: The extent of the modifications required to install hand controls varies significantly from one vehicle to another. Having a Sure Grip certified technician evaluate the vehicle is the best way of understanding what may need to be modified in order to install the equipment. That being said, FeatherLite hand controls are inherently less intrusive than comparable mechanical products. If you are looking to minimize the modifications needed to install your hand controls, then choosing FeatherLite is a great way to start!

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