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What is FeatherLite?

Sure Grip’s FeatherLite (FL) controls are the next generation in column mount controls. By utilizing the OEM vehicle electronic signal to manipulate the throttle, we eliminate any mechanical linkage between the driving aid and vehicle’s gas pedal. This in turn increases the driver’s leg and lap room and decreases the need for dash modifications. Along with these benefits the FL controls also provide new levels of safety with their one source acceleration technology.

available on the left & right side

Installation time and robustness:

  • Digital calibration: Precisely calibrates our system to mimic the OEM pedal in a matter of seconds.

  • Advanced diagnostic indicators to guide the installation and diagnose issues.

  • Dual microprocessors, redundancy and integration with the standard OEM fault tolerance to ensure that there is no loss of safety.


Safety Features:

  • Buzzer for activation notifications and brake-throttle notifications.

  • Intelligent activation will only allow swapping between systems at idle.

  • Fully redundant signal processing. The system will only activate if redundant microcontrollers agree.

  • Hand control sensor test and automatic calibration every ignition cycle ensures the maximum safety without sacrificing performance.



  • Automatic recalibration over the life of the system means that you will never find dead spots in your accelerator.

  • Always achieve the responsive driving feel from the hand controls.

  • City Mode feature allows for an optional sensitivity adjustment.

  • Instant acceleration responsiveness gives the same feel of the OEM pedal, which is unachievable with mechanical gas systems.

  • Spring tension adjustment allows for a hand control that meets your strength requirements.

  • No gas rod means increased leg and lap room.

  • Single source acceleration means that only one driving device can be active at a time (OEM pedal or hand control).

  • The activation button provides an easy and deliberate way to switch between the OEM pedal and hand control.





The equipment has been installed! I drove the van for the first time yesterday with the adaptive equipment and was in love with it! Thank you again! I can’t wait to get clients behind the wheel.



My overall opinion of the FeatherLite, this is the best new product to the mobility industry in years and I cannot stress enough how pleased everyone involved with this install was.


Thanks again to the staff at Sure Grip for an awesome product, and a special thanks to Russ, Ashley and Dane for making this possible for our client



SureGrip’s FeatherLite Electronic Hand Controls not only had a no hassle installation, but they removed bars and hardware that at times have given certain clients trouble in our vehicles.  Switching the FeatherLite Hand Controls out was easy and simple. It makes it a great set of hand controls to use in an evaluation vehicle.  Working with our vendor to get the settings right on the Featherlite's® was easy and it gave us a lot of control to get everything set just the way we wanted it.  The FeatherLite Hand Controls offer great management of space in the drivers area and a nice, natural motion for both gas and brake

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