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Sure Grip manufactures modified shifter knobs for popular passenger vehicles. The adapted shifter knob is a direct replacement for the original factory knob and allows the driver to shift the gear selector using only the palm of their hand. The Adapted Shifter is an ideal choice when using your thumb to depress the button is not possible.



  • Universal shifter fits a wide variety of vehicles

  • Specific kits are available for the more popular vehicles

  • Single Pin and Bi-pin add ons are available

Product Code: A306

Sure Grips Gas and Brake Guard is a

lightweight, durable guard used to prevent accidental contact with both the brake and accelerator pedals. This removable guard bolts through the OEM floor and can be easily taken out with no tools required.



Our quick release thumb screw feature allows the user to remove and re-install the gas and brake guard quickly and easily without the use of any tools.

Weighs less than 6 pounds

Our lightweight design makes it easier to manipulate when removing and carrying the product.

Built in carrying handle

The built-in handle allows transfer and transport of the pedal guard

Pull tested to 300 pounds

Drive with confidence knowing that our gas and brake guard has been rigorously tested.



Gas & Brake

Carrying Handle.jpg

Product Code: A206


The Sure Grip A208 gas pedal guard prevents any unwanted acceleration from the driver. This new design does not require any modifications to the OEM vehicles floor and can be removed without any unscrewing.

Mounts to the Firewall

The A208 utilizes the studs of the OEM gas pedal for mounting, eliminating the need to drill holes in your vehicle’s floor


Easy removal

Once installed, the pedal simply slides in and out of its mount, making removal and replacement effortless and straightforward.

A204 Accelerator Guard.PNG

Gas Guard

Product Code: A208

This crossover is an easy to use device that allows operation of the signal function from the right-hand side of the steering column. Installed easily and only takes only a few minutes.

  • Affordable option to relocate the signals

  • Fits all vehicles




Product Code: A302


The park brake extension fastened to the factory floor-mounted park brake, providing the ability to hand activate the parking brake.

This easy-to-install brake extension brings the manual park brake closer to the driver, for more convenient access.

Rigid design

The Park Brake Extension utilizes a durable steel construction.

Ergonomic handle

Aesthetic and ergonomic handle provides easy hand access to floor-mounted park brakes.

Excellent value

The Park Brake Extension provides a cost-effective solution compared to alternative products available.

Park Break Extension 001.jpg
Render 1 Assembly.JPG

brake extension

Product Code: A301



The  SH103 Airbag shunt allows you to easily avoid the airbag warning lights associated with the knee bolster airbag removal. With an easy plug-and-play fitting, installation of the airbag shunt is the easiest on the market! To return the vehicle back to the factory, simply unplug the shunt and plug it back in the airbag.

Product Code: SH103


Adapted Shifter:

Q: Is my vehicle compatible?

A: There are a large number of vehicles that the Sure Grip adapted shifter is compatible with outside of specific kits for the Dodge Caravan, Chrysler Town and Country, and Honda Odyssey. For more information on your specific vehicle please contact your local Mobility Equipment Dealer.


Q: Is this a universal product?

A: The A208 can be installed in all vehicles using either the studs from the OEM gas pedal or a bracket that is built out of the firewall.

Q: How do you remove the Gas Pedal Guard for other drivers?
A: The gas guard slides into a square tube mount and removing it is as simple as pulling the guard away from its mount.

Park Brake Extension:

Q: Is the Park Brake Extension compatible with my vehicle?

A: The Park Brake Extension is compatible with all vehicles that have a factory floor-mounted park brake

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