What is Quick Disconnect?

Sure Grip is proud to present the latest and greatest solution for evaluation and training! This Featherlite Quick Disconnect system is built in such a way that the installation is as sturdy as permanent controls, while also being the most efficient way to swap controls yet. With the ability to change between all four styles of Featherlite controls on both the left and right side, you will be able to quickly find the best solution for your clients.

hand controls




Easily switch from the factory pedal to your hand controls by pressing the Featherlite activation button.


Featherlite gives you direct access to the vehicle’s throttle. The result is the responsiveness you cannot achieve with traditional hand controls.


Electronic acceleration eliminates the need to physically depress the gas pedal and the need for a gas rod at all. This creates a noticeable increase in legroom and a cleaner installation.

This is a motorcycle style hand control that you push to brake and twist like a motorbike throttle for acceleration.

The original Sure Grip hand control style, the Push/Rock uses a vertical handle that is pushed towards the dash for brake and rocked towards the ground for acceleration.


The only Sure Grip control that uses a vertical handle allowing for a comfortable driving position and two-handed contact with the steering wheel during driving.


Our most popular control provides the least fatiguing driving experience.


Push rock allows for the most two-handed contact with the steering wheel and access to all secondary steering wheel button.


available on the left & right side

  short stroke controls

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Sure Grip’s Push/Right Angle control pushes towards the dash for brake and pulls down towards the driver's lap for acceleration.



Sure Grip utilizes a Short Throw design so that only the handle moves for acceleration.



Short throw design means stationary brake rod and main body leading to increase in leg and lap room.


Little to no dash mods are required during install.

Display stand

The Sure Grip display stand is perfect for exposing clients to all styles of FeatherLite and Traditional hand controls, along with a wide array of steering devices.

This pre-assessment tool gives you the ability to try, touch and feel the equipment prior to getting behind the wheel.

Small footprint and lightweight design means that it is not only a great showroom feature but also an effective tool for trade shows and training events.

Comes with:

1 FeatherLite hand control demo unit

3 Traditional hand control demo units

Purpose-built display fitted with steering wheel and gas and a brake pedal

Standard spinner knob (A600)

Available options:

Steering Wheel ext.

RF dummy models

A202 Left Foot Accelerator


steering wheel

The Sure Grip Steering Wheel Extension is a great tool for anyone who needs the steering closer to them.

This non-intrusive option is an excellent, and affordable, alternative compared with the permanently installed column extensions. Simply attach the extension to 3 contact points on the steering wheel when needed.




“You guys are a huge blessing.  I LOVE my new evaluator vehicle (even though it is going to a different therapist), I LOVE what Cody did for my vans in August, and I LOVE your awesome attitude and servant stance to me, the vendor’s, and ultimately the client’s we serve.  So proud to be a Sure Grip Fan!!!”

— Cyndee Crompton, MS, OTR/L, SCDCM,  CDRS
Occupational Therapist
Driver Rehabilitation Services, PA


To operate simply push towards the dash for brake and pull directly back towards you for acceleration.

The Sure Grip Push/Pull hand control uses the same movement to apply the gas and brake as other Push/Pull controls; however, the pivot point for the Sure Grip control is on the right-hand side of the wheel near the handle, which allows for a shorter stroke and greater leverage. In addition to the pivot point, the handle’s position is at a slight angle; an angle that makes a big difference to the driver. The benefits of Sure Grip’s unique Push/Pull hand control design include:

• Less strain on the fingers.

• Flexible hand positions for lower fatigue and cramping while driving.

• Ability for both hands to keep contact with the steering wheel. 

dual gas & brake

Now you can control GAS & BRAKE from the passenger seat of any vehicle.

Quick and easy on/off control arm can be

attached to any existing SURE GRIP hand control system.

  • No more training brake hassles

  • Eliminate hard to reach gas pedals

  • All of Sure Grip’s same great features

  • Can be installed in any type of vehicle

  • Train comfortably in your client’s vehicle

  • Accommodates State Inspection requirements

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