Gas and Brake aren’t the only things you need to control in order to drive. Sure Grip’s Switch product line puts all of your vehicle's secondary controls at your fingertips. See below to discover our wired and wireless products that put everything you need within reach.


The UH360 is our newest addition to the Switch family. The UH360 is customizable with a combination of pushbuttons or 5-way joysticks. The UH360 is weighted so when the spinner knob is released, it will always rest in the vertical position. 

Newest Additions


The Audio Visual Queue provides 1-2 button scanning with audio and visual feedback. Once the activation button is pressed, the system scans through the programmed functions. Another button press will activate the currently scanned function. A large external speaker and multicoloured LED display ensure accurate feedback. The system comes preprogrammed but is fully field programmable.  



The horn button provides quick relocation of the horn switch. Similar to the Sure Switch, the horn button mounts directly to all Sure Grip hand controls, allowing for distance and angle adjustability.



Sure Grips Switch lineup provides everything your driver function relocation needs. All of our controls utilize the same configurable module, allowing for effective and custom installed solutions through our dealer base. Our wireless spinner knobs utilize radio frequency, allowing for safe function activation while boasting a 2-year battery life. Our controls integrate into nearly any vehicle available in North America and are compatible with most functions that are factory available. 


The BB8 adds another variation of the Sure Grips great wireless product line. The BB8 is customizable with 1-4 rocker switches located at the front and sides of the spinner knob.



The RFTouch provides a solution for users that require the spinner knob to rotate but would like their function activation buttons to remain fixed to the steering wheel. The RF-Touch is customizable based on button location and style needs.




The RFMini is a great economical choice for your wireless spinner needs. Since the RFMini is 3d printed, it is available in several different sizes with several different button layouts.  The spinner knob allows for great palm contact in the palm area, requiring only a small finger movement to reach the secondary controls.



The RFMax allows for full button customization. This device provides a platform to choose the correct button styles and positioning to guarantee that you are not settling on your function activation needs.



Just as the name suggests, the Remote Button Switch allows secondary activation through a customizable wireless box. The switch utilizes large 1’’ diameter buttons in an easy to mount enclosure. The number of buttons and button colours can be customized to meet specific needs.

Dorothee Zulegar

The equipment has been installed! I drove the van for the first time yesterday with the adaptive equipment and was in love with it! Thank you again! I can’t wait to get clients behind the wheel.
Again, thank you so much!

Brenda McConnell

I have an easy spin RF360 in my car. First, I wanted you to know that this product was life-changing for me and I cannot compliment your product enough.

Cyndee Crompton

You guys are a huge blessing.  I LOVE my new evaluator vehicle (even though it is going to a different therapist), I LOVE what Cody did for my vans in August, and I LOVE your awesome attitude and servant stance to me, the vendor’s, and ultimately the client’s we serve.  So proud to be a Sure Grip Fan!!!



The RF360 offers a sleek look with a comfortable rubberized over moulding. The RF360 provides instant access to any secondary function needs. The RF360 is available in different colours upon request. 

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