Everything you need to steer with confidence

Alpha Romeo

Steering Wheel


The Sure Grip Steering Wheel Extension is a great tool for anyone who needs the steering closer to them. This non-intrusive option is an excellent, and affordable, alternative compared with the permanently installed column extensions. Simply attach the extension to 3 contact points on the steering wheel when needed.


Individually customizable

  • Our quick release thumb screw feature allows the user to remove and re-install the gas and brake guard quickly and easily without the use of any tools.

Easily removable

  • Our lightweight design makes it easier to manipulate when removing and carrying the product.

Completely compatible with any OEM steering wheel

  • The built-in handle allows transfer and transport of the pedal guard

Leather wrapped and hand stitched

  • Our Steering Wheel Extension features first-rate quality and comfort to give the Factory look and feel.

Far more serviceable and user-friendly than permanently installed extensions

  • The Steering Wheel Extension is an economic and affordable option compared to the current steering column extension alternatives.

Perfect for a one car family with a special need’s user

  • This product easily allows the vehicle to be configured for all members of the family to drive.



A must for evaluators!


Q: Does this affect airbag deployment?

A: The Sure Grip Steering Wheel Extension was tested to make sure that it neither affected the airbag deployment or became a projectile in an accident. Please check out our videos to see an example of the testing that we conducted.

Q: Is this a permanently installed piece of equipment?

A: By simply removing 3 pins on the contact points the Steering Wheel Extensions can be taken out of the vehicle returning it to its original condition.

Q: Does it affect the vehicle functions located on the steering wheel?

A: All of the vehicles original functions still operate while using the Steering Wheel Extension.