spinner knob



Minimal Steering Wheel Damage: Our clamshell-style base distributes the clamping force across the maximum possible area, reducing the pressure points that damage steering wheels.

Easy Spinning: This is the only spinner knob on the market with built-in high-speed bearings.

Quick Release: Removing the knob from the base is as simple as pushing the red release button on the base.

Easy Insertion: The taper on the end of the pin makes sliding the knob back into the base a breeze. No need to press the release button, just press it in and go.

Available in Wood Grain: Solid wood spinner gives you a classic look and is ideal for vehicles with wood grain interior panels.



Q: Can these be transferred from one vehicle to another?

A: With very few exceptions our spinner knobs fit on all factory wheels. However, the difference in sizes from one vehicle to another may require some additional parts to adjust the spacing.